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  • Tilts the seat in 3 positions.

  • TILDA combines excellently with the seat swivel TURNOUT and makes it even easier to get in and out of the car. By keeping the feet on the footrest they automatically follow over the threshold.

  • In combination with CARONY, TILDA will provide more head space as the seat slides over from the Carony wheel unit to the swivel base inside the car.

  • TILDA is specially designed to be combined with:
       TURNOUT swivel base that swivels the seat out over the threshold
       CARONY which enables the seat to be placed on a wheel unit and become a wheelchair
       GLIDE RAILS from Scheelman, providing length adjustability for the seat.

Please note that the footrest is an option.

  • TILDA is crash tested in pos. 0 (upright position) and in pos.1.

  • When tilted in position 1 the ride will become more comfortable
       and the sitting more relaxed.
       TILDA is in compliance with following regulations and directives:
       74/60/EEG - 2000/4/EG, 74/408/EEG - 2005/39/EEG
       93/42/EEG, 95/28/EG, ECE R-17, ECE R- 21, SS-EN 12182, ISO 3795
       FMVSS 201, 207, 208 och 302

Maximum user weight: 150 kg.
Height, under the seat: 24 mm
Width: 520 mm

Grab hold of both levers to release the position of
the seat, then raise the seat to an upright position.

Tilda in combination
with the Carony.

By keeping the feet on the footrest
they won't need lifting