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  • This outward-swivelling, motor-operated car seat lift is specially adapted for high-sill vehicles, such as SUVs, MPVs and vans.

  • It can be mounted in a passenger seat in the front or center row, depending on the car model.

  • Rotation, lifting and lowering are completely electrically operated and actuated with a manual control (or optional remote) and there is a programmable end stop for downward travel.

  • Turny Orbit offers two lifting heights, 300 or 395 mm, adapted to the car make and user requirements.

  • The product is CE-labelled, E-marked, crash-tested in vehicle and has an approved load capacity of 150 kg.

  • The continuously adjustable raising and lowering function of the Turny Orbit makes it ideal for disabled passengers, who can now transfer to and from a waiting wheelchair.

  • Changes to the car are minimal and can easily be restored when it is to be replaced.

  • Turny Orbit can be advantageously combined with the Carony vehicle wheelchair system, which allows the seat to dock with a wheel unit.

Turny HD and Turny Orbit are raised or lowered using a manual control. Remote control is available as an option.