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  • Turnout E is an electrically operated swivel base that uses a manual control (remote control is an option) to allow the car seat to swivel out over the sill to facilitate entering or exiting.

  • It can be adapted to two or four-door cars and these variants, Turnout 2 and 4, can be installed on the driver or passenger side.

  • A low-level seat such as the BEV or Recaro is recommended to ensure correct seating height and maximum room when entering and exiting.

  • Turnout E is CE-labelled, E-marked, crash-tested and has an approved load capacity of 150 kg.

  • It is mounted on a bracket that is fitted in the original seat mountings and can easily be removed when the car is replaced.

  • Turnout E can be advantageously combined with the Carony vehicle wheelchair system, which allows the seat to dock with a wheel unit.

  • Brand-adapted brackets are available for the most common makes of car.

Turnout remote control