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  • 1. CAROSPEED CLASSIC hand control with mechanical transmission:

Carospeed Classic Standard and T denote a universal floor-mounted hand control with mechanical transmission to the accelerator and brake pedals for drivers who cannot use all the car pedals.

Can be installed in most vehicles and the cables are concealed under carpeting and behind panels; no holes need to be drilled.
On modern vehicles, the brake must be depressed when changing gear on an automatic gearbox. Carospeed Classic includes as standard a hill-holder in the handle to facilitate gear changes. Cruise control is an optional extra and its set function is activated using the same button as the hill-holder.

The product has been developed in conjunction with the
disabled and the pedal function has been retained so that there is no risk of accelerating and braking simultaneously. It is ergonomically styled and shaped to fit in with the rest of the
car interior. Carospeed Classic is recommended for use with automatic gearboxes.

  • 2. CAROSPEED CLASSIC E hand control with mechanical
transmission and integral electrical functions:

Carospeed Classic E and TE have integral electrical functions in the knob or T-handle on the manual control.

Carospeed Classic E and TE are fitted with right and left indicators, windscreen wipers, washers, horn, headlight dipswitch and set function for the cruise control, in the knob or T-handle.

  • 3. CAROSPEED INDICATOR hand control with
mechanical transmission and integral indicators:

This is a Carospeed version with a switch for the turn left and
turn indicator only. This product is only available in black. The indicator function is activated when the switch is pushed to one side and deactivated when it is return to the center position.

This product is made as an economical alternative to the Carospeed Classic E, for those who can manage without the entire range of electrical features, but still need to be able to indicate a right or left turn. A hill holder and cruise control set function are incorporated into in the handle.