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  • The Carospeed Menox Hand Control is specifically designed to give physically limited drivers the benefit of control and ease when driving a vehicle. Driving becomes an easy and enjoyable experience with Carospeed Menox.
  • The Carospeed Menox's design is simple and durable. Minimal hardware is needed for the installation leaving the driver with extensive leg room. Likewise Menox is not in the way of knee air bags. With no protruding bars or bolts, access in and out of the car is trouble-free.
  • Easy and multi-purpose
When choosing the multi-function grip, the driver maximizes the ability to control the car operating headlights, turn indicators, wipers or wiper/washer and horn from the same central place, the Carospeed Menox Hand Grip. This way, any function can be used at the same time as the brakes and accelerator.

  • Safe and stylish
Thanks to Menox's advanced design, each control is ergonomic, conforming to a person's natural hand-wrist-arm motion. The function buttons are situated in a safe place and engineering has simplified the range of the Carospeed Menox Hand Control; pushing forward to brake, pulling back to accelerate.

  • Menox hand controls are designed to compliment all vehicles interiors. From our product selection you will find suitable colours for sedans to vans, as from sports to collector cars upholstery. This allows for Carospeed Menox hand control to go unnoticed by blending into the car's interior design.
  • Adjustability for individual needs
The universal Carospeed Menox hand control can be installed to both the right and left side of the car. Menox's engineering enables the hand control to be effortlessly adjusted to every individual driver's needs. Likewise features can be added to the hand control at a later date as the driver deems necessary.

Your own choice
Menox hand controls are a personal solution just for you and can be tailored according to the drivers personal needs and desires. The additional features are connected hand-in-hand with the vehicles original functions.

Each personal adjustment; height of the grip and the right momentum can be achieved for each individual. The range of motion is also amazingly smooth.