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  • A power wheelchair that finally enables you to travel in a standard small car! CARONY GO will take you from your home right into your car.

  • CARONY GO is a class B wheelchair with a user weight limit of 120 kg. The chair is CE-labelled and approved to Swedish Handicap Institute requirements for power wheelchairs.

  • A Turnout swivel base needs to be installed in the car, onto which the power wheelchair seat slides from its wheel unit. CARONY GO can also be combined with a Turny car seat lift for use in MPVs with higher floors. The wheelchair is easy and practical both in the home and outside on uneven surfaces.

  • The wheelchair's wheel unit weighs 75 kg and can be lifted into the vehicle's boot using a wheelchair boot hoist, for example Carolift 90. The Carolift 90, is fully powered and operated by a hand control (see photo series below right).

You can set your wheelchair speed to fast or slow using the 'hare' and 'tortoise' buttons.

This enables precision
in confined areas, and higher speed
(max. 6 km/h).

1. Start by turning the swivel base outwards
using the handcontrol.

Adjust the heigth of the wheel unit of Carony GO to the
height of Turnout swivel base.

2. Dock the Carony wheel unit to the Turnout swivel base.

3. Push the seat across to the seat frame.

4. Loosen the Carony wheel unit ...

5. ..and turn the seat with the hand control into its correct position  in the car.

6. Store the wheel unit in the boot using the hoist Carolift 90.

You are ready to go!