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Pensi 2000 MA Multifunction Strecher
  • made of composite material
  • sturdy construction; all parts coated and finished
  • safe, non-conductive frame
  • the structure and function are patented
  • fulfils the requirements of EN 1865 and 1789.
  • footbrakes in two wheels
  • adjustment possibility for legs and upper body
  • user friendly and ergonomic
  • minimises the need to carry and lift the patient
  • all stages of patient handling (shock position, chair position etc) can be done by this multifunction stretcher
  • back-operated patients can be loaded and transported in straight position.
  • easy to move around even in narrow spaces
  • if needed, the patient handling process can be managed by one person.
  • stable in all stages; the big wheels make moving easy on all surfaces.
  • can be used in small elevators and staircases (in the chair position)
  • can be equipped with a removable cylinder, which senses the weight of patient. The stretcher with patient is then easy and steady to bring down in stairs, even with heavy patient.

"Pensi Rescue Oy designs and manufactures products for ambulances and patient transport. In our product development, we pay special attention to the ergonomics of our products and continuously look for lighter and tougher materials to use in Pensi products."

  • Ambulance Equipment